Welcome to Surviving Souls. 

This organization was inspired by my own story and a page on Instagram called honeyorg, which is an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual trauma through online programs and in-person spaces. I realized that my voice was way stronger than I thought it was when I posted my story of my own assault on social media. I received tons of support as well as other survivors, some who I didn’t even know, who shared their own stories. The man who raped me is still free and that makes me feel completely powerless, but this is me taking my power back and helping me in my journey to healing. 

Through this organization, I wish to not only share my story with others but educate people about sexual assault and sexual trauma and how to help those who have been affected by these issues. I also think it is important to shed light on what universities are not doing to those affected by these traumatic events and others such as mental health. I want to speak at events all over the country, speaking out about what sexual assault is and how one is affected by it.